The Green Revolution

Taken as the largest source of chlorophyll on the planet, Chlorella is the ideal microalga for detox processes, and also to alkalize and energize the human body. Considered as a high nutritional and functional value dietary supplement, Chlorella is rich in protein, fiber, B12 vitamin, iron and omega 3.

What Makes Us Different

Made in Portugal

Chlorella by Allma is the only product of its kind being produced, processed and distributed in Portugal, in a sustainable way, with an official Organic Certification.

Pure and Safe

Microalgae are cultivated in closed, fully controlled systems. Real time growth parameters’ monitorization guarantees the final product's maximum security, which is still verified by certified external laboratories.

Premium Quality

Chlorella by Allma is produced by Allmicroalgae, which is certified by Quality Management Systems, Food Safety, Environmental Management and Safety and Health in Work.


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