About Us

We are on a mission to realise the benefits of Microalgae.

Dedicated to Provide Excellence

We are a company that produces high nutritional value microalgae, in a sustainable way, with the objective of making our products affordable and accessible to those who want to benefit from its properties.

We’ve been in the market for eight years and we work daily to reach the excellency in the microalgae cultivation.

Our products are cultivated in closed tube systems or fermentation vessels to minimize contaminants and ensure the highest purity. Each Allma by Allmicroalgae’s produced batch is certified for Quality and Food Safety by independent entities.

The natural, healthy and safe choice.

Chlorella is a natural green superfood, packed with key nutrients. Being nature’s best source of chlorophyll, it’s perfect for clean eaters, vegans and for detoxifying.

Meet Our Products

Chlorella by Allma is clean, natural and rich in essential nutrients. This exceptional superfood may be supplied as Powder, Tablets or Capsules. Make your choice!